BS Laboratories

English Communication Skills Lab

Language is the light of mind; it is the dress of thought. An individual’s whole experience is built upon the plan of his language.

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Business Communication Lab

A man is known by his language. In the present age of communication, the professional profile of a qualified engineer should include well developed communication skills and high English language proficiency to achieve success in the highly competitive global work arena.

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Technical Communication Skills Lab

In addition to the two English communication skills laboratories, an Advanced English Communication Skills Laboratory is instituted for inculcating and enhancing advanced communication skills of language, which will be helpful in the formation of a holistic personality of the student.

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Chemistry Lab - I

An engineer can use chemistry to test various substances in laboratories and in the field. For more involved testing, engineers may need to send samples to a laboratory for analysis. In this case, an engineer will use basic chemistry knowledge.

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Chemistry Lab - II

Analytical tools should play an important role in the measurement of samples in the field of Engineering chemistry.

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Physics Lab


The Engineering Physics Lab in SVECW is well equipped with various experimental set-ups focusing on the principles of Optics, Mechanics, Electrical, Electronics, and Opto-electronics.

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