CE Laboratories

The department has well developed laboratories with latest equipment.


Strength of Materials Laboratory:

Strength of Materials laboratory offers facilities for testing building materials for their strength, behavior and suitability for various application.


Surveying Laboratory:

This laboratory houses sophisticated instruments viz. Electronic total station, Laser theodolite, Auto levels, Vernier theodolite with 1 second accuracy, Digital plani meter and Dumpy levels.

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Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machinery Laboratory:

Fluid Mechanics Laboratory is well equipped with flow measuring devices in pipes and flow measurements in open channels. Facilities are available for calibration of flow measuring devices as well as pressure testing of pipes and pumps. The various equipments available in the lab are :

  • Venturimeters
  • Orifice meters
  • Notch plates
  • Pipe friction apparatus
  • Mouth pieces
  • Orifice plates
  • Centrifugal pump
  • Submersible pump
  • Jet pump
  • Reciprocating pump
  • Gear oil pump
  • Screw pump

 Engineering Geology Laboratory:

Engineering Geology Lab Practice deals in the identification of Minerals, Rocks and their suitability for various civil engineering applications such as engineering materials, site suitability and structural safety.  The lab contains all the necessary specimens for demonstration along with the relevant wall hangings, maps and topo sheets etc. for the conduct of the Lab.

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Geo Technical Engineering Laboratory:

In the Geotechnical lab, students do Standard laboratory test methods to determine physical, mechanical, and hydraulic properties of soil. It has the equipment necessary for performing all standard geotechnical tests such as soil index properties, soil compaction, soil hydraulic conductivity, consolidation, and shear strength.

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Environmental Engineering Laboratory:

The Primary objective of this lab is to demonstrate environmental engineering testing procedures. This lab is continuously upgraded with the latest environmental equipment. Students contribute through water testing procedures to build a pollution data base of the nearby rivers.

Remote Sensing & GIS Laboratory:

Understand the process of digitization, creation of thematic maps from various maps, learn to apply GIS Software to problems of real world.

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Concrete & Highway Engineering Laboratory:

In this Laboratory students will learn  important properties of cement, aggregate and concrete mix for providing strong concepts and sound knowledge about the concrete technology. 

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