Healthy Living

Health is wealth and it is more important than anything else.  Healthy living conditions create peace of mind which, in turn, gives balance of thought. In this aspect the campus is the most ideal one for any student/academician. 

‘Save Earth to Save Life’ is the slogan of 21st century.  Indifference to anything will invariably bring tragedy at the end.  It is every one’s responsibility to protect our mother Earth from many man-made threats.  At SVECW everyone adheres to the rules of Nature and never wants to disturb the ecosystem.  As one enters the Bhimavaram Campus, one cannot stop enjoying the serene and idyllic atmosphere. It is a green and clean campus just about 2 KM away from the small town, Bhimavaram. It teems with local flora and fauna with 35,000 fruit bearing plants including medicinal, ornamental, lichens and others. All these add beauty to the campus and help soil conservation and control pollution.

In the campus, smokeless and noiseless generators provide 24 hours electricity back up to run essential services uninterruptedly.  It has the state-of-the-art STP water treatment plant to provide water in the campus.  The solid slug residue is utilized as manure to maintain grass and trees. The buildings are constructed in a way that they control the flow of rain water. Rain water harvesting plants help conserve these natural resources and help maintain the water table.

Solar water heaters have been installed in residential areas and hostels to provide hot water for bathing, washing and cleaning purposes. They help conserve electricity. There is dustbin culture and the waste is segregated into biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste and is disposed off in an appropriate manner.  Here, ECO Club brings awareness in the preservation of ecosystem. It organizes seminars, meetings and rallies to spread the message of “Green Earth” and “Green Environment."  All these activities contribute to healthy living conditions.

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